Sunday, December 4, 2011

Apologies and hopes for a glitch-free and enjoyable New Year of art

Some time ago I invited members to volunteer as hosts for the challenge.  I received quite a few replies which I converted into a list which I then managed to accidentally delete from my computer.  I apologise for that.  I guarantee I won't lose a second list of names so if you would like to showcase your fabulous art on the challenge please let me know.

I have become a bit disorganised, leading a busy life away from the blog,  dealing with family matters and being an on-call Grandma at all hours of the day and night and my commenting is not always as prompt as it should be.  For that I apologise!!  I promise to do better.

Sooooo, let's start with a new slate in the New Year.  I can't thank you all enough for making Take a Word a wonderful challenge with superb artwork every week.  Without you all we wouldn't have a challenge.

If you are still interested in hosting, contact me via my email address which is on the right hand side bar of this blog.  I will enter the names on my brand new 2012 calendar as they arrive. 

Cheers from Marie, aka Ozstuff, aka (maybe) The Slacker.


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  2. Oooooooh, Marie; don't worry so much!
    This kind of thing arrives to anybody, each of us!
    Your computer is still alive, it's the point.
    Above all, real life and our families are always more important, aren't they?
    Keep it cool and smiling Marie!
    Happylly you are here for us all!
    I kiss you strongly!

  3. wishing you a splendid holiday and a peaceful new year. looking forward to new challenges.

    hugs :)

  4. No need for apologies, Marie. This time of year coupled with Grandma duties will take all your energies. Take it easy and have a great Christmas! I look forward to more Take a Word next year.

  5. Certainly no need for apologies, my friend. You take the time in your busy, busy life to provide for us this challenge we all look forward to each week. WE APPRECIATE YOU !!!!!

  6. And I thought you just didn't like me anymore!! :D All the chaos is just proof we have a life :D XXX

  7. Querida Marie eu agradeço vocês permitirem que eu venha mostrar meu trabalho.
    Aprendo muito com vocês.
    Quero agradecer o carinho que sempre recebi.
    Amo estar aqui.
    Também sou avó e isso é maravolhoso.
    Bjs minha querida e mais uma vez obrigada.

  8. Dear Marie, I know exactly how busy life can get, and as you've probably noticed that's what has happened to me too, lol. I've always Loved your challenges and the challenge over at you and the two other muses as well. but haven't been able to join in for quite some time, so just like you I'm hoping for a more organized life next year and time for my favourite hobby, Art and blogging :) Take care dear Marie and I hope to see you next year!! Wish you and yours the best Christmas ever!!!
    Lots of hugs and smiles,

  9. See what everyone writes Marie !!
    If there is ONE person who DON'T need to apology, it is YOU !!! Even if you feel the need,
    I'll bet that we ALL understand how busy daily live can be and that the focus always lies with our family and dear onces.
    Special this time of the year !

    I think it's not necessary to tell you what TAW means to many members.
    You created with LOVE this blog, my friend and that's why we all care for you ! So please don't forget to take time for yourself too okay ?

    Sending you a HUGE hug
    and I too wish you a very cozy christmas time with your family !

  10. Oh Marie, I think we are all having a bit of a time keeping straight lately. At least I know I am. Hugs to you.

  11. Oh please, Marie, you needn't apologize! We're all sisters here and sure understand mommy and grandma duties come before anything! And if you hadn't created this wonderful challenge site, where would we be? No, we all should be thanking you and hugging you big time for all WE OWE YOU! Merry Christmas, have peace and joy all year through!

  12. I love this place - I feel like I've never been away when I have time to pop back in and play! Don't beat yourself up Marie - life is so busy sometimes, you just enjoy being a busy Granny-on-call!
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year! xoxoxo