March 22, 2020


To my fellow bloggers: I am sending my first bulletin regarding my situation, health-wise. I deeply appreciate the good wishes you have sent me and it is touching to know I’m not forgotten. I have had a very illness-free life so it was a surprise when I had a life-threatening medical emergency necessitating surgery followed by two months in hospital and another 4-5 months under the care of a hospital-in-the-home service. I am improving from day to day. I am pleased to report that I have regained strength in walking (now without aids) and I am becoming more independent and almost well enough to cope with living alone. My daughter saved my life in so many ways. She refused to give up on me and she nagged and bullied (in the nicest possible way) and persuaded me to believe the fight was worth fighting. She lives in the same street only a minute or two away if help is needed.

My problems melt into insignificance with the pandemic now affecting the lives of every person living on the planet. I wish you all a safe journey through the mayhem of life changing rules and the attack on the economy.

Marie AKA Ozstuff

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Take a Word Challenge - MOON

Apologies to all my friends at Take a Word over the past weeks.  I have been missing in action a lot and I haven't been able to keep up with commenting.  My husband had a massive stroke three months ago and finally passed away this month.  I am looking forward to new beginnings at the challenges and getting back to "normal".

This week our theme word is MOON.  My imagination took me to this rather strange place! Click HERE for credits.


  1. Wonderful theme and sample Marie, I love the mystery of moon.
    Here is my moon
    Thanks for looking and comments.
    Hugs Anja

  2. Oh this is so nice Marie.

    I am so shocked to hear of your husbands passing. I never knew till now. I knew he was ill as once you and I talked about my hubby ill as well.

    I am so sorry my dear, truly sorry.

    I will keep you in my prayers. Know one from our wee group told me. I did hear you were away to be with your hubby. So I should of picked up on that. So very sorry.

  3. A return to artful expression i9s healing, Marie. You have certainly not lost your magic touch, my friend! I love your moon man!

  4. OOPS! Forgot to leave my link. It's HERE

  5. i love where your imagination took you this week! really like how you have him leaning on the word "imagination"...

    ...and not to forget, i'm so sorry for your loss...hoping you will find your bearings after this trying time...

    mine is here:


  6. Lovely work!Mine is here:

  7. Here's to a bright and happy future...

  8. My condolences Marie. Hugs

    My entry is posted
    Here is my entry



  11. Thanks Marie for your happy moon;)
    My entry is on my blog HERE.

  12. You can find my ATC here Thanks for looking.

  13. My Moon is on my blog. Thanks for looking. xx

  14. Dear Marie, I'm by your side with my whole heart. Huge hugs.
    Your talent and imagination don't leave you.
    (I'll participate at the challenges as soon as I can).

  15. Oh Marie so sorry to hear about your loss - hope your future is healthy and bright

    x Hilda

    Will be back with my challenge piece tomorrow

  16. Here is my entry
    thanks for looking

  17. I'm glad you are getting back to normal, Marie, after everything that's happened over the past few months.

    Your Moon Man made me smile.

    My moon piece is on my blog.


  18. I'm sorry for your loss.
    I hope your art helps you heal.

    Here is my Moon

  19. So sorry to hear about your recent loss I too hope you art helps you heal

    My piece is on my blog HERE

    Thanks for taking a look

    I shall be round the blogs this evening

  20. Oh, Marie, I am so sorry for your pain and loss.I hope you are doing ok. Your atr is lovely, and cheeky as ever and I hope it helps you.

    Here's my moon.