NOTE TO OUR ARTISTS: September 18, 2020

It is with immense sadness Ann and I report that our very dear friend, Marie Markham, passed away this morning after a year-long battle with illness following her surgery a year ago. Marie and I met on a pen pal site in 1999 and have communicated almost daily since then. She was the driving force in establishing our three digital art challenge blogs--Take a Word , Three Muses, and Digitalmania. Our friend, Ann Baker from the UK, joined us and we three friends who have never met managed the three blogs for over ten years. Ann and I have continued to manage them during Marie's illness. We have sorely missed her talent and wit. We know you join us in extending our deepest sympathy to Marie's family in Perth.


Sunday, June 4, 2017

Take a Word Challenge - HOT COLOURS

This week at "Take a Word" the theme is HOT COLOURS.  Any summery, hot colours will do - reds, oranges, yellow etc.  Have fun.


  1. this example is so great!!!!!!!!! and I swear in my mind I visit you all and leave greetings.............the summer is season for shooting fotos, so I am busy with ist....but be sure...........

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