Sunday, March 18, 2018

Take a Word Challenge - EGGS

This week at Take a Word the theme is EGGS.  Include an egg (or two or more) in your artwork.  Have fun!!


  1. Each week, I'm so sorry for not beeing able to comment at BBD Digitals'.
    I don't want to suscribe to Pinterest... :(
    Anyway, I love your artwork indeed!

  2. I'm too like Sim. BBD Digitals work is simply GORGEOUS.
    And also i like FOXGLOVE's HOLLOW. But there I can't comment. Haven't a google account ... ;-)

    I love your work guys as mutch. And my english is good enough to say it better ... sorry
    Gretting Katrin

  3. Pleaeeeeese Kym, deactivate the obligation to suscribe to google + profile.
    I'm unable to comment your beautiful collages! :(

  4. This is such a fun piece! I just love your imagination and creativity.
    Thanks for another fun challenge


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